How to deal with Technicians

“I got my 1st job before I passed out from the university”, it’s a great feeling if you got it too. In this post I will try to guide fresh graduates how to deal with technicians, technical officers and workers.

In my 1st day of my work, my boss directly asked me to go and see what’s happening at the site . The travelling mode to the site was a crew-cab, and I got to know on the half way to the site , near by “Gampaha” region (In Sri Lanka), “The Team Leader” is driving the vehicle.In recent days company owners try to get multi-skilled  people. I didn’t talk with “driver” until I go to the site.So the “driver” neglected me in the whole day.The point that I want to convince from this is, try to make a good reputation 1st in a company.Every worker like to talk with them friendly, they would like to know about us as down-to-earth person.But when dealing with them, don’t be too friendly, don’t talk things about your personal life, and so on.Once I heard a strong fact that told by a technician, “the only way they can go ahead from the current position they have to pay obey to the managers and tell gossips about other people around”. The most important thing i got  from him is, “Be Aware of Him”

In the 1st job we try to do it as perfect and honestly, actually it’s good for your carrier, and do not reject any task given by a management, as ” nothing is impossible” state, if you do a mistake the will not cut your neck, because you’ve got the point, “I don’t have experience ” :D.When you have  given a new task, if there is not Senior Engineer to to take advises, search and study hard about it.When you are going to see the feasibility of the design or a project, actually it’s a matter of implementing, so better to talk with a senior technician, they may have more than enough experience about implementing. So don’t be shy to lean any thing from “Technician”, because we have mastered our logical thinking and theories, they are mastered in same thing several times in practices , here i quote a saying from Bruce lee “ I fear not the man who has practiced 10000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10000 times

Figure: Pilot project for Green BTS

Finally before I wrap up this post I will give you some points how to make good relationships with “Technicians” and “Technical officers”

  • Try to fill the gap of necessary theoretical knowledge of them, teach them in simple manner
  • Appreciate whenever necessary, when management ask about them,try to guide them in a better manner
  • Don’t be shy of asking a practical scenario from them
  • If you managing a team of team leaders, try to protect them by unnecessary tasks put them in to their heads
  • Don’t talk about your private life or personal things, although they are in your same age.
  • Master your knowledge and show them they need you whenever a problem occurs

Finally it crates a win-win situation and you can become a memorable person in a company even though after you resign from that company.


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